Widows & Orphans of Ethiopia

Reaching Beyond Words

100 promise4Supporting a widow is a special kind of sponsorship that gives a desperate woman a chance for a new start. This support is a perfect opportunity for a group of friends, a church, or a small business. As every woman in our sponsorship program starts a business, she becomes self-sustainable and able to provide for her family needs.

For $840 as a one time support your sponsored widow receives:

  • Business training
  • Assistance with setting up a business
  • Follow up consultancy on her business
  • Medical care
  • Christian discipleship

As the Reaching Beyond Words sponsor, you will be provided with:

  • A photo of your sponsored widow
  • Basic information about the widow, such as name, family background and her family establishment
  • A personal letter from the widow
  • An update on her business progress
  • Monthly update on our work in Ethiopia

This is how the program works:

  1. The widow signs an agreement to use the allocated funds to start her own business.
  2. She is given a training.
  3. RBW staff helps her to start her business in her own preferred business area.
  4. Monthly meetings are scheduled with the RBW staff for encouragement as well as evaluation of her business.
  5. Bank account is opened in her name.
  6. Weekly savings are expected of the widows. They must show their savings to the RBW staff every week.
  7. Half of the allocated fund is given at the beginning and then, when the RBW staff confirms that she is doing well, the second half is added to promote her business to the next level.
  8. The widow becomes self-sustainable and able to provide for her family needs.


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